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Training and Information Unit has been established to enhance the ongoing Faculty-community relationship, publicize the experience from the various Faculty activities and improve the performance and quality of teaching and research work in the Faculty and partner institutions through training in the fields of forestry, other related natural resources and environment.


  • Contribute to capacity building of stakeholders (individuals and Institutions) in forestry and related fields
  • Publicize research output and technical information
  • Strengthen the Faculty outreach programs
  • Generate income to improve the teaching/learning facilities and activities


  • Design and conduct training workshops, seminars and short courses
  • Document and disseminate scientific work of the faculty
  • Publish research output and technical and extension information pertaining to forestry and related fields


  • Training courses, workshops, seminars,  etc
  • Faculty of Forestry Publications including: Research papers, Short communications, Research bulletins, Technical reports, Extension pamphlets, etc
  • Other major Faculty documents including strategic plans, prospectus, QAS, brochures, curricula, news, etc

Unit Facilities

Conference room, computer lab and all other facilities of the Faculty


The unit is managed by a highly experienced team in close collaboration with other Faculty Departments and the Self-evaluation and Quality Unit.

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Information Technology and Networks Administration (ITNA)

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