Facilities of the Faculty

Facilities of the Faculty

  • Faculty staff members and teaching assistants: As a department in the Faculty of Agriculture staff members were not more than 8 Ph.D. holders. Currently the FOF staff includes 5 professors, 6 associate professors, 7 assistant professors, 14 lecturers and 11 teaching assistants. A number of lecturers and Teaching Assistants are currently pursuing their training locally or abroad for M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.

  • Support cadres : Includes a registrar, an administrator, administrator assistant, a secretary, 6 typists, 7 technicians, 3 laboratory assistants and 5 workers.

  • Halls : Three halls with accommodating capacity of 40-70 students were available up to 2002 where a third hall that accommodates 250 was added. In 2008 another two halls were added. One hall concerned particularly with workshops and training sessions carries 60 participants, and another one carries 20-participants.

  • Laboratories : During 1975-1993 there was only one laboratory allocated for forestry students. All practical courses were taught in the Faculty of Agriculture. FoF is currently possesses a number of laboratories, namely: ) Forest Entomology, Forest pathology , Forest surveying and remote sensing ,Silviculture ,General and wood chemistry,Wood science and technology).

  • Offices of postgraduate candidates :There are three offices assigned for postgraduate candidates equipped with computers that are directly connected to the internet. Each office accommodates 10 students


  • Offices of Faculty administration: Includes the Dean's, deputy dean, academic, registrar and administrator offices.

  • Faculty Library :In addition to the Central library of Shambat campus, FoF has specialised library that serves all departments. The library includes a reasonable number of forestry and forestry-related references. The library includes special section of electronic library supplied with 20 computers to serve B.Sc. students.

  • Arboretum :An arboretum established around the faculty carries most of tree species present in the Sudan. It helps students to identify different species not presenting Khartoum environment.

  • Nursery of the Faculty of Forestry: A nursery for training of students in seedling production and development is present. It also serves the postgraduate students in conducting research experiments, particularly those concerned with germination and production of tree seedlings. The nursery supplies shade tree seedlings for different sectors within and outside Khartoum State.

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