Activities of the Faculty

  • Teaching the curricula of the B.Sc. Forestry. This is the most important activity of the FoF. The program is taught in 10 semesters after which those who meet the requirements receives their B.Sc. degree (refer to the page of the academic plan).
  • Scientific research. Faculty staff carry research in all departments and specializations.
  • Students training field trips. During the B.Sc. course students conduct five training field trips for different ecological zones of the Sudan. The trips begin in first academic year and continue up to the final fifth year (refer to photographs appendix).
  • Training sessions and workshops. The FoF organises a number of training sessions and workshops related to the forestry sector in Sudan, Near East and North Africa countries at an annual average of four sessions.
  • Scientific exchange. The FoF maintains very strong relationships with each of Helsinki (Finland) and Padova (Italy) where some of the FoF staff members teach some courses of tropical Silviculture for M.Sc. students at Vikki Institute at University of Helsinki. Teaching assistants at FoF participate as students in such program. Alternatively, staff members at Helsinki University offers intensive, international courses in which M.Sc. registered students participate in addition to international students registered at University of Helsinki and some candidates from Ethiopia. The program is also useful for all postgraduate students in Sudan including teaching assistants, lecturers and forest researchers.
  • Serving the community:
  • As part of various courses offered at the B.Sc. level students carry out tree planting at residential blocks and streets in towns and villages of Khartoum State. For example, during 2006/07 academic year more than 2000 seedlings were planted in schools, mosques and streets in a number of the municipalities of Khartoum State.
  • Usually the FoF participates in tree planting programs in the areas where students' field trips are assumed. During 2008, for example, 5th level students planted about 300 trees in Hawata town in Gedarif State. Third level students broadcasted three 90-kg sacks of tree seeds in oasis areas located in North Korofan State as a contribution of the faculty in the effort directed towards checking of sand creep. Fourth level students participated in planting of 5000 feddans (feddan=0.42 ha) with hashab (Acacia senegal) in Khor Donia forest reserve in Blue Nile State.
  • During the field trips faculty staff usually present awareness raising lectures on environment and its conservation, emerging environmental problems, the role of trees and forests and sustainable management of forest resources. In cooperation with the National Service Commission of Khartoum North Municipality, the faculty contributes to a two-fold program. First, it presents lectures on the role of trees and forests, seedling production and planting to member students of Izzat al Sudan training groups that end up of each student planting of 20 seedlings within the boundaries of the area where he/she lives. Second, training of members of National Service Commission in nursery design and seedling production. Each student plants 50 seedlings and follows their development year round. Worth mentioning that involved seedlings are produced at the faculty nursery as part of the training of 3rd level forestry students and members of National Service Commission. The faculty also contributes with members of National Service Commission of Khartoum North Municipality in the program of street and public yards tree plantings