Department Silviculture

Academic Programs

Under-graduate program

The department organizes and facilitates the deliverance of undergraduate courses (both theoretical and practical lessons) relevant to silviculture, forest management and biology. The program includes 15 courses, which are almost entirely taught by the department staff members and within the classrooms and faculty laboratories. The department is also responsible for planning and executing, in joint collaboration with FNC staff members, a field tour for the second level students. Every year, the tour is destined to visit different forest areas of the Sudan and the students are particularly exposed to forest tree identification, taxation, ecology, soils, silvicultural practices and other aspects of forest sciences as well. In addition, the department is responsible for delivering the silvicultural planning, soils, climate and vegetation parts of the final year students' working plan.

Post-graduate programs
The department coordinates the deliverance of master and doctoral degree programs for postgraduate students. These degrees are carried out by research works in virtually all the aspects of forestry sciences with special attention on: silviculture, botany, ecology, forest biology, genetics and tree improvement, physiology, soils, agroforestry. The department is responsible for acceptance of degree applications, designation of supervisors and following procedures of degree awarding.

Research Program
Research works in the department consist essentially of individual staff member programs funded by the University, Ministry of Higher Education or from their own personal efforts. Research on subjects related to the department is also carried out through postgraduate degree programs.

The department has its own separate section within the main building of the faculty, which includes the head department office and six other offices for staff members. There is also one general silvicultural laboratory which the department supervises and coordinates its usage by different affiliates of the faculty.