Department of Forest Protection and Conservation

Academic Programs
Under-graduate program

The department offers an academic program in the specialization of forest conservation and protection for the Faculty students. The program includes 15 courses taught in the faculty over 5 years with other subjects from other departments.

Post-graduate programs

The department offers tow post-graduate programs namely M. Sc. And Ph. D. programs this covers aspects of forest conservation and forest protection.

Research Program

Since its establishment the department considered the research work as one of its main tasks. The research areas that are of interest of the staff members include: Windbreaks and shelterbelts, Desertification, land use plans, rangeland management, forest fires, Pests and diseases.


There are two laboratory one for biological it and forest diseases, a computer and printer. Most of the staff members have a personal computer connected with a local net work and the University net work with internet facilities.